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KAVANTE is the evolution of conventional luxury. For the founder and president, Kim Price, that evolution began at the Parsons School of Design and continued through her studies 

in Italy.  Her scope of work covers a range of styles from directing niche luxury projects in the D&D building of 

Manhattan to designing furniture collections with an exclusive Versailles influence and global appeal. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with many gifted architects and designers on prominent residential and commercial projects around the world.  Kim draws her originality and imagination from having lived in three of America’s truly unique cities, New Orleans, Dallas-Fort Worth and New York. Travelling the world and experiencing different cultures, she is constantly exposed to new influences, strengthening her sense of movement and purpose.

As individuals, we are continuously trying to cultivate our surroundings to express change and reflect who we are. In design, the pinnacle of those efforts is a deliberate and true poetic harmony between the inhabitant and their environment. That is the heart of KAVANTE's design philosophy.


KAVANTE is work that has life because we believe that you value the life of the work.​


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